House of Apple Cider Vinegar

Items Needed to Make Apple Cider Vinegar

  • a large glass pitcher of a gallon size
  • a medium size thin cloth to cover the open of said pitcher and hang down the sides a bit
  • a hair band (not rubber band they dry and break and expose your mix to bugs)
  • apple cores and peelings (enough to fill up the pitcher 1/3-1/2 the way)
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • wooden spoon
  • 1 happy ACV SCOBY (no required but recommend)
  • 2 cups of ACV with the mother/yeast stirred up (from previous batch or you can buy ORGANIC ACV with Mother in it)

clean the pitcher, wooden spoon, sugar cup (i use diluted Star-San this does not leave a soap coating behind and is food grade) do NOT use bleach, or if you use normal soap be sure to renice several times. We save up our apple peelings and freeze them in a bag until we have enough to make ACV. If they are frozen nuke them in the microwave until they just start to get a little warm (NOT HOT IT WILL KILL YOUR SCOBY) Fill the pitcher up with your apple parts (if you cut up a whole apple do not put it in a blender I've been told this will not work, if I use a whole apple I will cut them up into cubes about 1/8 “ in size.) Add in the 1/3 cup of sugar. Fill up with water about 75% of the way to the top (less if you are using a SCOBY {Preferred method})

put on a lid and shake the fool out of it from side to side for about 1 minute, this stirs up the sugar and add oxygen to the mix (yeast needs O2 to be happy). Then remove lid (you will not need lid anymore)

SLOWLY put in your SCOBY so that no apple parts are on top of it, if they do get on top be sure to push them down the sides. Pour in your 2 cups (at least) of ACV with mother on top, do NOT stir this in for now, its best to protect the mix if it is more at the top for now. Also if you are using a SCOBY the ACV on top will help to preserve the SCOBY and keep it happy, who wants a sad Scooby?

Cover jar with thin cloth, some say use a cheese cloth, but I have thin dish towels with no problem. They just have to be able to allow Oxygen to get in. But it somewhere will it will not get direct sun light, I put in on a shelf that does get room light but the large cloth covers the sides some.

For the first week you need to gently mix the mixture with a WOODEN spoon (not metal). This help to stop mold and other nasties from growing. If you have a SCOBY on top then just press down on the SCOBY at different locations to submerge it to keep it wet) After the first week stir the mix about 3 times a week.

After a month remove the SCOBY and apple parts by pouring thru a colander, some something with holes in it. Discard the apple parts or give to your animals.

Taste a teaspoon of your ACV it will probley not be acidic enough however it is up to you. I recommend you put the SCOBY back in the ACV (if you have a SCOBY) and let the sit with the cloth held on by the hair band for one more month. This typically makes it strong enough for my preference.

Once it is strong enough for your taste, put in a glass container with a lid until you need it! Putting lid on it will slow down the aging process.

CAUTION: You may need to open the lid a bit to let it breath for a second if it is building pressure, i have had them to blow off a lid before.

If your lucky after 2 months you will have your very on first ACV Baby! (SCOBY), be careful with it , it will be very thin, when you touch it treat it like a living thing because it is! Make sure you hands are clean. As you continue to use the SCOBY baby with your next batch (and 2 cups of your ACV) it will get bigger and thicker! It will even start to have its on babies! Then you will be a grand parent of a SCOBY! Share your SCOBY'S with your friends, be sure to keep them in some ACV.

SCOBY Hotel's are a great way to keep them safe and happy just add some ACV water and 1/3 of a cup of sugar per gallon of water and give them a place to hang out!

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