Masonic Kings

Craft of King Hiram and Saint John

They figurative work on stone,

King Hiram he is the old sire

And he was famous King of Tyre.


But great as King upon a throne

Is the good, kind, true Saint John ;

Cathedrals did craftsmen raise,

Fills all our mind now with amase.


No modern chisel hath the power

To trace such leaf, and bud, and flower ;

But though our structures now are rude

Let us all make the mortar good.


And this injunction never spare

To have the work both plum and square,

And it must have no crack or flaw

So masters will lay down the law.

Of all our work this is the chief,

To give the needy ones relief ;

And with truth and brotherly love

We sublime structure raise above.


The greatest honor has been won

By that great builder, Solomon,

And craftsmen o'er the world do sing

The praises of that mighty King.


- James McIntyre

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