Pond Plants from Land of Heves

We package each plant in a heavy duty airtight bag with material to keep the roots moist during shipping. We ship all plants using USPS Priority shipping. That way you receive your plant in a timely fashion to help insure the plant is in a healthy condition when you receive it.

Tracking numbers are emails out on every order so you can track your package with ease!

Orders with in 1-4 days from the time you place your order, we ship in bulk to ensure the best care for your plants!

Plants we have in stock vary depending on the season and availability of plants, check back often for other type of pond plants that we will be selling.

Also called: water cabbage, water lettuce, Nile cabbage, shellflower

How it grows: It floats on the surface of the water with its roots hanging down below the plant

Uses: For deprecation and is a quick grower providing excellent shade for fish, and help to reduce algae in ponds by outcompeting algae for nutrients in the water.

Ease of growing: One of the more easier plants to grow, no planting required, the produce baby plants that grow off of the main plant.

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