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Welcome to the "I AM HAPPY" revolution!

Having one purpose, to make the world a happier place for us all!

print off a page full of Happy Buttons cut them out and leave them laying around everywhere you go. Good placed to leave them are in public bathrooms, counters at retail shops and restaurants, tables at restaurants. I know how sometimes it can be embarrassing to actually approach someone you don't know and give them something like this, so I actually make it kind of a game and "sneak" them around not letting people where they came from.
You will be surprised, while trying to make others happy, you will also make yourself happy, knowing that someone will see and read it!

One day while pondering how I could make a difference, I came up with this simple idea, of making small "I AM HAPPY" "buttons" as I call them (yea I know its just a round picture but it looks like a "buttons").
Even thou it may seem simple, but before I started working in PhotoShop to make it I did some research into colors & shapes in how they can influence us

This may look simple, but it is more than it appears.
The circle represents to you mind never-ending happiness.
The yellow tells your mind to be cheerful!
The green tells your mind to relax.
Lastly the resemblance of a smile face appeals to your creative mind.

Reading this text that is a "definite statement" saying that "I AM HAPPY" is telling yourself that you are, even if your not, its not asking if you want to be happy its saying that YOU ARE weather you want to be or not.

Tape your "button" somewhere that you will see it on a daily basis. A few ideas that I have used, dashboard in car, bathroom mirror, front door.